“Trucks on Tracks”: Let’s Go!

That’s right, we’ve launched an awesome project and we’re proud that it’s already gained so many supporters!

At the “Trucks on Tracks” presentation, project enthusiasts, military representatives, and mechanics all showed up. Journalists from nationwide Ukrainian media also came to the vehicle repair workshop that restores GAZ-66, Ural-4320, ZIL-131, UAZ-452, KRAS-255, KamAZ trucks.

To put it in dry numbers: there were six television channels, including one international channel, as well as radio and many representatives from print media. We’ve read about 100 articles and we haven’t even counted the number of reposts on social media. This collaboration with the media is very valuable to us, as it brings concerned Ukrainians and entrepreneurs to the project who offer to help repair the vehicles for the front. They look for spare parts and are ready to take the vehicles for restoration, so that they can later be transported to the Ukrainian Armed Forces brigades that are awaiting them. If we were to describe the emotions… it’s complicated, it’s a whole mix! Joy from every repaired truck, tears from the thanks of the guys who operate them. Excitement from communicating with a huge group of people who put a piece of themselves into this work. Enthusiasm from communicating with mechanics, who practically live in the repair boxes – they are passionate about their work. They search for necessary parts, go to car dismantlers, find helpers who have serviced such vehicles before, and together with them, they piece together the puzzle of the machinery. And sadness due to the amount of work and lack of funding. But we believe that we will pay all the bills, that the donors will support us, and that these vehicles will bring us victory!


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GAZ-66, URAL-4320, ZIL-131,
UAZ-452, KRAZ-255, BTR-60

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