We are repairing a vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – we will get to victory faster

Let’s start the engine and go! We are launching the national project “Trucks on Tracks”. Its goal is to provide the territorial defense forces with military vehicles. The essence is to repair and put as many old “iron horses” as possible, which are currently stored on the bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, back on the road.

Currently, the defenders of Ukraine urgently need 4,000 fully operational military vehicles.

Civilian vehicles purchased by volunteers cannot handle all tasks, and their purchase is more expensive than restoring old equipment. On average, the necessary repair of one such truck will cost $2,500-$3,000. Despite their age, they have their advantages – they are specifically designed for the military, are passable and undemanding.

The “Trucks on Tracks” initiative is aimed at meeting this need for the front with automobiles. The officer of the logistics department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and entrepreneur Viktor Shevchenko became the initiator of the project. The idea grew into a full-fledged project specifically for the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF). Another businessman, Roman Horodechnyi, a senior lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, joined Shevchenko as a partner in the “Trucks on Tracks” project. They have already repaired 17 cars at their own expense.

“First, for the experiment, we found seven old GAZ vehicles throughout Ukraine. We purchased the necessary spare parts and materials. Two service stations in Kyiv agreed to repair them for free. As a result, in less than three weeks, the TDF received seven cars “ready to go” for front-line conditions,” Viktor Shevchenko said.

But more can be done if new companies, volunteer organizations, local administrations, and anyone who wants to support the project with a donation joins in.

“There are military trucks that are needed. They have not been in use for 15-20 years and are gradually turning into wreck. But most of them can be restored and delivered to the soldiers. Let’s once again show an example of collective success for Ukrainians,” says Roman Horodechnyi.

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