The band “Kalush” becomes an ambassador of our project

These guys rock stadiums, and not just any stadiums – the most prestigious stages in Europe. And now, together, we are improving old military vehicles.

Kalush is a young band with a loud and powerful voice that people listen to. The group appeared in 2019, and this year they won at Eurovision. Despite the threat of disqualification, the musicians called on the world to save “Azovstal” and Mariupol from the stage.

And now, Kalush has joined our initiative to “give new life” to old military vehicles, which are so necessary for defenders on the front lines.

“We have news – we have become ambassadors of the cool project ‘Trucks on Tracks.’ This is when scrap metal becomes a combat machine and helps to drive the enemy away from Ukrainian cities. If we all help together, mechanics will repair 4,000 cars and send them to the front,” says the front man of the band, Oleg Psyuk.

Especially for the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, Kalush has announced a one-day fundraiser “14 hryvnias for 14 cars” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “Trucks on Tracks” project.

We thank the band and invite others to join our project partners!


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