Autodoc Ukraine now repairs military vehicles with “Trucks on Tracks”

Doctors for front-line vehicles: Autodoc Ukraine now repairs military vehicles with “Trucks on Tracks”

The Ukrainian team of the international company AUTODOC has become a partner of the “Trucks on Tracks” initiative. This is great news for the project, as AUTODOC is the largest European platform for finding auto parts. And when it comes to repairing used military vehicles, searching for the necessary parts often becomes a challenge.

Because finding the necessary parts takes up the most time, effort, and money. This invisible piece of work slows down the prompt restoration of vehicles.

But our new partners, Autodoc Ukraine, have already partially provided our project with parts for repairing 20 vehicles that the soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are waiting for.

We are grateful to the team for their participation and confident that repairing vehicles will now be much easier and, most importantly, faster.

It should be reminded that “Trucks on Tracks” aims to provide the front with 4,000 four-wheel drive trucks.

And although our “golden hands” put everything on wheels – from GAZ-66 to URALs and even BTRs, we still lack craftsmen and stations in the regions.

Therefore, we invite not only private donors but also responsible businesses to join the project.

Thank you to those who are already with us. If you also want to become a partner of the “Trucks on Tracks” project, write to us at or click on the “Donate” button.


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