The Kharkiv IT Cluster has become a partner of “Trucks on Tracks.”

Projects aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine defend their land unite completely different industries of business and public activity. An example of such cooperation is the new partnership “Trucks on Tracks.”

The Kharkiv IT Cluster has joined the initiative to repair trucks for the needs of the front. Now our colleagues, 200 IT companies united in the Kharkiv IT Cluster, will help us put the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on wheels. Specifically, they will take care of the Kharkiv territorial defense brigade, which also needs powerful military all-terrain vehicles.

Since 2022, thanks to its own ecosystem of charitable initiatives IT4Life, the Kharkiv IT Cluster has supported over 40 units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fed over 1 million people, and deployed Points of Unbreakable Spirit in Kharkiv. And now, together with us, it will restore trucks for the needs of the military.

It may seem that there is nothing in common between scrapped cars and a progressive IT industry. But that’s not the case when it comes to equipping soldiers with everything they need. Anyone can help.

If you also want to become a partner of the “Trucks on Tracks” project, write to us at or click the “Donate” button.


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We repair
car models:
GAZ-66, URAL-4320, ZIL-131,
UAZ-452, KRAZ-255, BTR-60

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